Sunday, November 4, 2012

Decorating and Halloween fun!

 I did put up fall decorations, they were a work in progress moved around a bit, but at some point I took a cell phone photo.

Now you might notice that my hemp wrapped bottles aren't on that mantel. It's true, they WERE on the mantel and then they were moved to a lovely little nook in my entrance way to add some beauty when you walked in the front door. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo... I know, I know. But trust me it looked fantastic, with some fall coloured gerber daisy's and an antique looking trunk and the bottles as well as a give thanks pumpkin fall decor thingy, that my  mom gave me. I'm not great at describing it but trust me it is super cute.

ANYWAYS... then came halloween and out came the spooky decor for the mantle (which truth be told has not been put away yet... shhhh...... )

Here is a photo of my Halloween Mantel (again crappy cell phone photo, sorry lately that's how I roll).

I had fun decorating, I had my adorable niece and nephew help me with my halloween decorating, so those spiders and pumpkins tend to move around a bit every time they visit! Glad they had fun helping!

I also carved a few pumpkins, my neice helped me pick out the designs and scoop the guts out. It was so cute after we finished them we put some LED tealights inside and she went to get my husband who was doing work upstairs she made him close his eyes "and no peeking" as she guided him down the stairs and once he was right in front of the pumpkins he could open his eyes! She was thrilled with surprising him with our pumpkins.

you can see my spooky gargoyle peaking out behind this guy
My niece called the Jack Skellington pumpkin zipper mouth ... made me giggle!

Finally I will share our Halloween costumes this year. We had a lot of fun at the party we attended and we won best couple costume!
creepy zombie couple!

I'm going to have to remember to take more photo's (and better photo's) next time I decorate!