Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ever seen felt dreadlocks?

Some people have a whole head of them and others just add a few accent pieces here and there.
 My dear friend Emily asked me if I could make felt dreads. She wanted a few accent pieces. Well I had never really thought about it but I thought it could be fun so we took a go at it! I didn't think to take any photo's of the making process but we chose some beautiful colors and mixed them as we felted the dread. We made two dreads ... this is what one looked like....
The lighting is pretty bad so it's hard to see how lovely it actually is. The colors are a lovely sage green, rust orange, earthy teal and deep purple. So there we have it .. the dreads look perfect and are complete, now how do we put them in? .... time to experiment...

A bit of braiding and wrapping and knotting should do the trick. .... until it came out not sure how so next time MORE braiding before wrapping and knotting!

and look at that lovely dread adding color, texture and interest to Emily's gorgeous locks.

too bad I didn't get a picture of the both of them in, but oh well ... that lovely head of hair with darling dreads is as we speak on it's way to NZ!

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