Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to knit or not to knit...

So this week I reminded myself how to knit again it's fun but I put down my project so fast and then started a crochet project... So I wonder am I just not a knitter? But really I think I just find crochet faster because I'm better at it. With practice I bet I could get quick! I'm just so unmotivated to start, I don't want to make another scarf I want to make something more exciting. Does anybody know of any good easy knitting patterns that will get me excited and practicing so I can be better at knitting. My goal is to make cute little knit sweaters and dresses for my kids (yup I wanna be one of those moms, the kind who sew and knit and craft their kids the cutest dang outfits ever!)

Well if you know of any good easy beginner knitting patterns let me know cause one day I want to be able to make this....

and this.....

and this.... and more!

By the way all of these pics are collected as inspiration from the internet and are not mine.

Pics and info on my latest crochet project coming soon (ish)!


  1. Ok I too am a crocheter! I had no clue you were:) I am just finishing up in my opinion a super cute baby blanket! I have never actually made myself a crocheted blanket before, so to make this for my little one is really exciting for me!
    And I feel the same way about knitting. I have done it a bit, but I am not very good at it, and don't know how to read patterns, or do much with it, so I just don't do it. But those clothes are adorable! I got this company's coming book from my mom that is teaching kids to knit and crochet and their are patterns in it. I will check it out, and see if there are any good ones you could use. Good luck with the knitting battle!

  2. Thanks! And yay congrats on your blanket, I have never tried anything quite so big, but that will be so amazing to wrap your little babe up in your first ever crocheted blanket! Wow.

    That sounds like the perfect type of book ... let me know if there is anything fun! Thanks Brea

  3. Check this out:

    Super cute crocheted headband! I saw it and thought of you and your plea for crocheting projects!
    Maybe you could make me one! lol
    Luv ya