Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life was beautiful then

On to Day 26

Fun times... A childhood Memory.

I had a fantastic childhood filled with a lot of fun happy memories. It is hard to choose one to share with you but I will try.

I have always loved Christmas, time spent with family visiting, laughing, and playing. Christmas meant extra goodies and treats and staying up a little bit later because of parties and dinners and get togethers. I have a fantastic memory of waking up one Christmas morning and seeing under the tree a stroller for my cabbage patch kid. I remember being SO excited and happy. I now know that stroller was made by my mom and dad, Mom sewed and my dad put together the frame with white pvc pipe. (genius). I'm not sure why that is such a strong Christmas morning memory for me but I do remember being a little groggy as I walked in to see the Christmas tree with all sorts of gifts and just knowing that stroller was for me and all that excitement just wiping away any sleepiness in me. I would have been very young (not sure exactly how old), but it's a special memory that I can't wait to make for my children when they come along.

I really should ask if mom and dad have any pictures of this stroller.... as this post is lacking in the photo department.

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