Friday, October 28, 2011

I can never narrow it down...

The List has officially begun, it is Day 1: A Favourite Song. If you are lost and have no clue what I'm talking about check out my '30 days of Getting to know you' explanation.... don't worry we'll wait.

Now that we are all onboard... I'd like to introduce you to my cute little buttony thing I made in honour of these 30 days.

Isn't it cute!

I always have problems narrowing down favourites, I should have maybe thought of that before starting this lovely journey but here I am and I'm jumping in with both feet.

So I will share with you some of my favourite songs... cause I like to change the rules like that.

One of my favourites to sing along to is For Good from the Musical Wicked

One of my Favourites to Drive to is Set Fire to the Rain by Adele (really love her!)

One of my favourites to sit and listen to is On the Radio by Regina Spektor

And I leave you with one more... One of my favourite songs to Dance to is Just Dance by Lady GaGa

Okay I think that's all for now. The thing with me picking favourites is that tomorrow or even in 3 hours I could be in a completely different mood. And give you a completely different list. But hey I suggest you check out some of these songs and artists anyways. And hey share any of your favourites with me I'd love to see what is on your ipod!


  1. Love Regina & Adele... They are staples in our home!!

  2. So I wrote my post last night too! Reading yours this morning made me laugh!! Check out my post to see why!
    PS I may use your button too! And I linked back to your blog!