Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's take a looksee in my library...

On to Day 3: A favourite book

So you may all be thinking after reading my last post that all I do is sit around watching DVD's but it's not true, yes I do love movies but I also LOVE a good book, or even an ok book for that matter. Yup reading is like the same as movies for me, escape, relaxation and good thinking!

One day I'd love to have a library... Have you ever searched "library" on pinterest? If you haven't you must go do this I drool everytime, as I scroll through the images you can just hear me repeating over and over "pretty....pretty....ooooo....pretty". Here is one of the lovely library images I found on pinterest and am very inspired by.

in'nit puuuuurdy
Now on to a favourite book!

I love going to the library and just randomly grabbing books off the shelf, I've found some lovelies that way.... including p.s. i love you from way before the movie came out!
But one of my favourite books came from this method of book choice.

Bad Girls, Good Women is a novel by Rosie Thomas I loved this book so much that I actually went out and bought it afterwards, in fact I think it may be time to pick it up again for another read.

A little Synopsis on the book from

The gospel of freedom according to Mattie Banner and Julia Smith. In London, on the brink of the Sixties, two runaways plunge into the whirl of Soho nightlife. Mattie faces the hard slog of repertory companies and a sleazy strip-club in search of fame as an actress. But, when it comes, stardom is not enough, and the love that Mattie desires seems to elude her. Julies chooses marriage and Ladyhill, a beautiful Dorset manor house. Then, after the tragedy, she realizes that to achieve true independence she will have to risk her marriage and her child. Though each has to make her own choices, their friendship - despite the guilt and betrayal - endures over three turbulent decades.

It's one of those stories that I felt grief when I finish reading it. I became so involved in the story and characters lives that I couldn't believe it was over, almost as though I had lost someone dear to me.

This time I will leave you with this one book. I mean, I could list Harry Potter, The Help, Little House on the Prairies and many other fantastic books I have read but I am thinking these are all books you have read or at least heard of. Bad girls, Good Women is likely one you have not heard of and I think it's a treasure so go read it! Please share some of your favourite books in the comments, I look forward to your choices.

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