Tuesday, November 22, 2011


look at us go, I'm on day 21: Something I know I do differently than most people....

Well when I was thinking about today's challenge I really had a hard time. I think often when we do things differently than most people we may not realize it, we assume that everyone does it the same way as us, and until we see someone else doing it differently we don't even know that we do it differently. So there may be many things I do differently than most people but I just don't know it yet.
As for something that I already know I do differently than most people, I think I wrap my christmas presents differently than most people. I think the key here is MOST people, I am sure there may be other people who wrap similarly but I don't know anyone personally that wraps presents the same as I do.
So how do I do it? Well first is the buying process....
Every year at the end of Christmas I keep an eye out for pretty wrapping paper that is on clearance, but I don't just buy any pretty paper, I buy 3 rolls that co-ordinate with eachother. I then save this paper all year and when the season comes around I pull it out, Usually I'm pretty excited as I have anticipated wrapping with it all year. Plus wrapping paper is way overpriced so getting it at 70-80% off is always fantastic!

The actual wrapping part.... probably not much different although I like them to have nice neat corners and such if possible.
(photo to come once I charge my camera battery)
The different part is that I wrap my presents making sure I use an equal amount from each roll, or rather that I have a good mix of all 3 different papers under the tree, For example I would never wrap 2 large boxes in the same paper, they would have to be different paper... and if I had a lot of little presents I would try to make sure it was alternating wrapping papers. I know this seems strange to most people, but man it looks SO pretty all wrapped and under the tree ( I also buy co-ordinating ribbon and bows of course).

What happens to the wrapping paper left over from years before you may ask?
Well if it is plain silver or red or any other type that is not necessarily Christmassy it can be used for other gifts through out the year. And if it is very christmassy I can use it for white elephant gifts or other christmas gifts that won't be living under my tree for any period of time. (LIKE, if a friend or neighbour is popping by and I want to give them a little something to take home with them, it would likely not be matching the wrappings under the tree.) I have also donated it to friends who I know haven't bought wrapping paper yet. It can also be used for fun crafty projects!

There you have it.... Am I considered OCD when It comes to my Christmas wrapping process? Or just a little odd?
And just as a side note, I try to change it up every year, so one year I may have silver/black/white. the next year I would make sure to have some colour involved, reds golds and green, And yet another year it may be blues, whites, and silver. There are so many different pretty papers I feel the need to switch it up.

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