Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our song....

It is Day 12: A song we played at our wedding

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We have very different taste in music and the things we do like are quite random so it was actually a bit difficult to find our song to dance to but after hours of searching it was finally decided.
Crush by Dave Matthews Band.

It's a beautiful song and it was so lovely to dance to. We took dance lessons and learned to Rumba.... quite a fun first dance if I do say so myself.
Our first dance
 We were a bit nervous and my dress was much bigger than we were used to, plus during out photo's we kinda broke part of the bustle but it was fun and turned out well.

The song we requested as our first get everybody dancing on the dance floor song was.
Camel Walk by Southern culture on the skids.

 This is kinda our engagement song. We listened and sang along to this song on the night we got engaged and when I hear it I always think of that night and Kelly singing to me "ooooo eee you make me wanna walk..." It is a super fun song!

What song did you play at your wedding, Or if you are still looking forward to that wedding day what song do you hope to play at your wedding?

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