Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stumped... but carrying on..

Hello All, So I have been MIA it's because among other things day 18 has me stumped. I am still in the slow process of unpacking and setting up our home. So finding a favorite room at the moment is difficult and nothing is quite photo ready yet. SO I decided to just skip it and come back later. 

On to Day 19: A talent

 I feel blessed to be given many talents, but not only that to not be afraid to share and develop my talents. One of my talents is singing, I've been singing since childhood, I sang at weddings as a child. Spent my teen years singing in community talent shows, weddings, church, and even funerals. I've always had a love of singing and have sang in many different choirs, both church and community choirs. I now teach Music Together classes singing with children from babies-five years old and their grown ups who love them.  I just love to sing so much and hope to spread some joy through music when the opportunities arise.

Here's a few little photographs of me singing my heart out.

check out my attitude

that's right I'm on a chair and bustin' out in song!

Karaoke with roommates... work it!

I wish I had some photo's from my stagette. We sang Karaoke, it was FANTASTIC!

Anyways what are your talents? I know I have some very talented friends and family.

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