Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lucky THIRTEEN.... Strange

Another day of my challenge

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Day 13: Five strange facts about me
Now I'm not exactly sure if I'm the best person to write this post. I'm sure if I handed it over to my sister or best friend or even husband they would be able to bring you much greater insight into my strangeness. But alas, it is I left with the task of deciding what is strange about me. (Super Tricky, as I am sure I'm perfect in every way .. ha ha)

I'm going to tackle these as they pop into my head. And in the end I did get insight from my sister who helped me out with two on this list.
  1. I Love Peanut Butter and Cheese Whiz toast.
Yummy... when it's warm and they get all gooey together it's extra delicious
Made me think of cheese whiz commercials as a kid, does this bring back any memories?

2. I love to drink Tonic water (no gin... just Tonic)

I think this is more of a norm in Europe than it is in North America, but regardless I love it!
 You can also find a much better selection in Europe .. well for sure in the UK.
Here you are lucky to find good ol' schweppes Tonic, no indian or russian or any fancy tonics.

3.  I take delight in wearing HIGH heel shoes.

I know it isn't strange that I love shoes, and that I love high heel shoes. But some would say it's strange how much I LOVE to wear my high heel shoes. Most of my heels are around 4" and I will and do wear them for hours and hours at a time. and I LOVE wearing them. For my wedding I had lovely high heel shoes (that we already talked about on Day 5), and because my ceremony was on grass I didn't want my heels sinking in so I wore 4 inch wedge shoes. My day was spent in very high heels until the end of the night when I wore my birks. And I loved it! I have a large selection of heels to choose from but here are some of my "go to" heels ... typically If I'm looking for a pair of heels to wear it'll be one of these that I grab :)

Wedge Sandals Ala, Black Wedge JLo, Black Ankle boot La Diva, Green Suede heel Irregular Choice, Gold heel Ravel, Black studded heel Dollhouse.
Top view of same shoes
 I'm sure now that I'm free to wear my wedding shoes whenever I would like, they will soon be added to this selection. 
Side note- I've had the Green irregular choice shoes for some time and they are starting to look pretty worn :( 

4. I have a capitol D in the middle of my name.
This may be more about my mother than me, but it's true. My name is not two words Jo Dana... it is one word no spaces with a capitol D plunked right in the middle.
I think my mom chose to name me like this because it looks pretty that way and also to maybe get people to stop and think before saying my name... that one didn't work out so well I get Jordana, Joanna, and all sorts of other variations ALL the time but I'm not worried. I love that my name is different and to some Strange.

5. I have no fear of being on stage in front of people
I love Karaoke, I'm not shy of being the one randomly pulled out of the audience, and if I'm prepared I love doing a presentation or lesson. This has never really bothered me even as a child when I was on the buck shot show, I wanted to sing a song (and did) I was the quickest to raise my hand to be the child to announce the commercial break.
"we'll be right back after these special messages" 
(but said with a missing tooth lisp... very cute if I do say so myself)
My mom had us children singing at family and friends weddings as children, I was in a Drama club when I was younger and I have often played piano and/or sang at talent shows throughout my life.
Some people find this strange, to me it's just me! :)

Have a good one, and let me in on some of your strangeness.
See you tomorrow for Day 14!

Oh and if you want to catch up on Days 1-12 Here you go....

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