Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's fly, Let's fly away....

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Day 14 and let me tell this is my kind of day!
I LOVE to travel, have been able to do a lot of traveling and I'm sure will always be looking forward to my next trip, either figuring out how to pay for it or booking and planning those few precious days that we can get away!

I have a short list and a long list of Vacations I would like to take, We'll likely just try to cover part of the short list today.

I want to take my husband to London, to show him around where I lived and all the little parts of London and the UK in general that captured my heart.
one of my first night time views of Big Ben
 Lucky for me this has turned into our honeymoon and our flights are booked so next spring this vacation gets checked off our list and I am SO excited it's been too long since I've been back.

Australia and New Zeland have always been on my list and it seems for some reason they always get pushed back. I'm hoping to be able to cross this one off in the next 10 years or less!
hoping to see the 12 apostles along the great ocean rd one day

And the last place I'll share with you today is Ireland.
I am sad I haven't yet made it to Ireland and who knows maybe we'll figure out a way to head that way during our London honeymoon. But the thing with Ireland for me is that it is more than a few day trip I want to explore and wander and take advantage of everything I can. I would rather spend a month or at the very least 10 days. So it's been holding off waiting patiently for the time I want to give it.
I can't wait to discover all the castles and beauty in Ireland one day!

And there you have it, a little list of my Vacation dreams.

Here are Days 1-13 of the challenge if you want to catch up.

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