Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Use every moment to fill yourself up

The title of todays blog is a quote from Oprah... When thinking of the day 6 challenge I was thinking of the positive and negative context of reliving moments of our lives. I was thinking of how we often relive moments in our lives that we wish we could "do-over" and dwell on negative choices we have made .... when we relive these moments and dwell on them we are not being present in our lives. How can we press forward and put our best foot forward if we are too busy living in the past? We must remember that it is these moments that can change us, it is our choice to learn and grow from these experiences and take those moments and push ourselves to be more. I am really bad about this, I don't know why but I often will have negative moments of my life pop into my head and I have a hard time pushing them aside or rather using them as a stepping stone and remembering that every moment makes me who I am. I need to remember as well as anybody, that I can use these moments, and experiences to BE MORE! Oprah puts it so well, "You are built not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more. To be more splendid. To be more extraordinary. To use every moment to fill yourself up."

Another beautiful quote that I found inspiring while thinking about moments in my life.
 “Life is filled with moments that change us, teach us, make us catch our breath, and sometimes make us happy just to be alive.”
~John St. Augustine

So shall we get to it.... Day 6 in my 30 Day getting to know you challenge

A moment I wish I could Relive
I tried not to be too predictable but it's just the honest truth. I wish I could relive my wedding day. 
photo by Studio K Photography

It was such a beautiful, fantastic, perfect day!
photo by Studio K Photography

And I was so happy and filled with love all day that I can't help but want to go back and do it all over!
photo by Studio K Photography 

The only thing I'd do differently is finding a way to be able to spend more time chatting with my guests! And maybe getting Kelly in the photo booth with me another time, as well as getting in the photo booth with my mom.
photo by Studio K Photography  

Although it may be predictable I can't help but wish to relive that wonderful day every so often. Here is to looking forward and enjoying many more moments of Love, Joy and perfection with my Love by my side. Taking each moment in stride and using it to be More!
photo by Studio K Photograph
I would love to hear your thoughts and any moments you wish to relive.

In case you missed them here are

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  1. I haven't read your whole blog yet but just read this post. Although I'm sure there are more if I really thought about it but I have chosen the first two days that popped into my head. The first is the day hubby and I decided to make the biggest decision of our lives when a certain someone called us. I wish we would have taken time to really sit down, think and talk about it before making a decision. The second is also my Wedding day. I really regret not spending much time with my new hubby laughing, dancing, talking photos and just sitting down sharing a glass of wine. I was constantly running around talking to everyone. I felt like I had to speak to everyone. I guess I didn't want anyone to feel "left out" but really it was my hubby who got left out, especially as he had no family there. I would really like to relive both days!! x