Saturday, November 12, 2011

What are YOU afraid of?

So I missed a day and this post is extremely late. It's been a BUSY last few days with very little sleep involved. I apologize for leaving you high and dry, cause I know there must have been tears shed when you checked my blog the last few days and found no new posts (obviously I am the highlight of your day ha ha). Without further ado let the challenge continue....
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On to Day 15: Five funny fears

So I found this day quite challenging... I don't have many fears and the fears I DO have are not particularly funny. BUT I will try to list five.

So I have a funny fear of witnessing a car accident, obviously not funny in some ways but funny that it is a fear of mine. I will be driving along and can envision an accident happening with the vehicles I see on the road, and actually it will play through my head like a movie. I then want to distance myself from that certain set of vehicles if I can, because the accident scene just keeps playing over in my head. I know it's strange... but there is one funny fear.

Funny Fear number two would be about the UFC fights. I'm not a huge UFC fan, but occasionally my husband and I will be invited out to watch the fights and we do enjoy socializing and don't mind watching the fights every now and again so we will join in on the festivities. But I have a funny fear of one of the fighters killing, or causing serious long term damage to another fighter while everyone is watching for entertainment value. Kinda gross and yet why is that a fear... weird I know. I'm not afraid the whole fight just the times when the one guy is punching the other guy in the head over and over, I just cringe. yuck.

I have a funny fear that when I order something different and unknown in a restaurant that I will be sick. Particularly if it's a restaurant that I've never been to before.  This comes with some background, cause when I was a kid I threw up almost every time we ate out. There were times I had to sit in the lobby of the restaurant waiting for my family to finish their meal because if I stayed sitting amongst all the food and smells I would be sick. That would be number three.

On to number 4. I have a funny fear the first night sleeping at the cabin. I don't even know what I'm afraid of, it's just really quiet and really dark and there is no electricity. And so the first night I find it hard to fall asleep cause I'm just afraid... (really of nothing). And the next night I'm just fine.

just realized I don't have a pic of the cabin, but this is the beautiful view from the cabin

And last and probably least.... I have a funny fear of bugs in my hair. I'm not scared of bugs, sometimes they startle me but I've never particularly been afraid of spiders or bugs. But you know that moment when you notice a bug is in your hair and you just kinda freak out a bit, and then you feel like you have bugs in your hair forever after. blaaaahhh I get the heeby jeebies thinking about it.

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