Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How do you remember me?

So this post had me a bit stumped, It is day 23 and the challenge is a way in which I want to be remembered.

It has me thinking of how I live my life, how those brief encounters with others can affect them. Do they remember me for a moment, for the rest of the day. I hope if they do spend a fleeting moment in remembering their day it's a positive memory of the stranger who smiled, who offered a helping hand, who held their place in line, who patiently waited for their child to finish. I'd like to think that I am a happy, positive, caring individual who if I even met you for the briefest moment you would want to smile from our encounter.

Now I know I don't always leave this impression, sometimes I have other things on my mind and I don't notice that I could have held the door open for that person behind me. I'm sure I'm not smiling 24/7 and I know that sometimes I am not the most patient person in the world (particularly behind the wheel). This challenge today is a bit of a wake-up call, to try to be more positive, smile more, be more considerate of those around me and more aware of the needs of others, even perfect strangers. A good reminder to live my daily life on purpose.

I also thought about how those who love me and know me best remember me, or rather think of me. I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful man this summer. We found Jerry Stilson who is an amazing marriage commissioner. Each ceremony he performs is personal to the couple he marries, he asked us each to give him 5 words about the other, these words were to be kept secret and so we didn't know what the other had said until the ceremony. The words my lovely husband used to describe me were:

Kind Hearted
Full of Life

This is high praise indeed (even silly is praise coming from my husband he means it in a positive way as in I'm happy and don't take life to seriously, that I enjoy life and laughter) and hopefully I can continue to live in such a way so that others will think of me in the same way. I guess I don't just want to live in the same way but strive to be better everyday!

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