Thursday, November 3, 2011

OK so I can live without a lot of things... but chocolate??!!!?!?!

Life used to be simpler, I remember when there were no cell phones, I even remember party line when you couldn't make a phone call if your neighbor was on the phone! I remember life without internet, and even without netflix ... oh the horra! And really I think I'd change the wording on this challenge to 5 things I don't want to live without instead of 5 things I couldn't possibly live without.

In 2007 I spent a few weeks in Haiti volunteering at an orphange, and believe me that experience stays with a person and you really realize how much a person CAN actually live without.  Really I could live without a LOT of things, I really could.. but do I want to? No I don't.  I like my luxuries and conveniences. I LOVE my hot running water, and my flushing toilet. I appreciate air conditioning and heating, and really where would I be without chocolate ;)

Also let's just make it a given that we are not talking about air, water, food, shelter, and fire. Cause where is the fun in that, this is supposed to be getting to know me, not getting to know the human condition.

So my list of 5 things I don't want to live without. In no particular order.

1. Music
I Love music, it can change my mood, lift my spirits, ground me and inspire me.
There is something beautiful about words and melody when mixed they are SO powerful.
I teach Music Together classes, and it's so beautiful when I see little children singing, clapping & dancing along with their parents. It's impossible to leave a class without a huge smile on my face. At our wedding we had a drum circle, this was such a fun, and beautiful moment bringing two families and all our friends together, each person bringing their own unique style to make beautiful music together. THAT is the power of music!
photo by Studio K Photography
2. Cell Phone
I blame my mother... for my gift of gab, (as well as many of my other WONDERFUL traits).  I do know I've only had a cell phone for around 6 or 7 years but truly I feel lost without it. I love knowing I am connected to the world, that my husband, my family, my friends are only a phone call away.
I love the option of calling or texting, and although I have gotten better about not always having it on me (due to my husbands mockery) I still think it would be really difficult for me to live without that convenient connection to the outside world.
I know this looks really bad, but it wasn't even my phone, we were just trying to connect with my brother and sister in law for family photo arrangements. :) Also by Studio K Photography
3. Indoor Plumbing
So I know I eluded to this previously but it is true! After a few weeks spent in Haiti, sponge bathing with cold water from the well, and with out flushing toilets I have gained a very strong appreciation for indoor plumbing! I love HOT showers and Hot baths! Nothing like a shower to wake me up in the morning and a nice relaxing bath to help heal those 'icky' feeling days!
One of the toilets used in Haiti... No Door :(

A lovely rainfall shower in Haiti
 4. Vacations
I LOVE to travel. I spent a year living in London, UK and travelling around Europe! Since then I have been to Haiti, Iceland, Mexico, and a cross country trip across Canada and parts of the USA. You can say I have been bitten by the travel bug! I love seeing, smelling, experiencing new cultures, people, and history. I love standing on the cobblestone streets in Europe and imagining all the people who have stood there before me. Just a few of the pics from my travels...
At Mount Rushmore

With friends in Nova Scotia

With my hubby in Mexico

with besties in Iceland

With my besties in Paris

with Big Ben in London

One of my favourite photo's from Giggleswick, UK

When in Rome...

Sardines in Portugal

First time in Paris


My favourite spot in Barcelona

White cliffs of Dover

In Sweden

In Denmark

In Germany

In Venice

5. Internet
So I LOVE the Internet... having the world at my fingertips....all the searching, pinning, blogging, diying, and more. Plus I love being able to easily connect to friends around the world. Skyping or video chatting with my Brother and Sis in Law in NYC and being able to see little moments of my new niece. Chatting and skyping with my friends in UK, China, Australia, NZ and US. Not to mention online shopping, applying for jobs and such online, and being able to submit documents online until I can get into the office in person. It really is very helpful and makes my life so much easier. So Thank goodness for my lovely macbook and wireless high speed internet!
Have a fantastic day everyone and feel free to let me know what You don't want to live with out!

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  1. I know I'm behind, but I'm sick! So it's not my fault! Luv ya!

  2. Holy Crap! I knew you traveled to a ton of places but when you "line" it up like that it seems endless! You lucky girl :)